When you are a parent, you want to try your best to be an example to your kids. Sometimes, however, no matter how hard you try to shield your kids from some of the bad habits that you have picked up along the way, they still manage to follow suit in your wake. That is why when it comes to driving, it is better for parents to do all they can to avoid habits that they know will not help their child in their efforts to learn how to drive.

The problem is that most times parents do these thinks unconsciously and their kids consciously or unconsciously pick the said habits without giving it a second thought. Unfortunately such bad habits can cause the child to fail their driving lessons. Perth driving schools are there to teach learners how to drive and may not bother about bad habits that these new learners have somehow managed o pick up on the way even long before they came to driving school. Habits they say once learned are difficult to unlearn. Some of those bad habits that a child may pick up from their parent that may affect their ability to pass the driving test include;

Talking on the phone

As a parent and a skilled driver, you may have gotten into the habit of talking into the phone while driving. While you may get away with this because you were not caught on camera, your child may not be able to get away with this if they decide to be using their phones while driving. Sometimes even if they say they are only doing it because it is during lessons, you never know what may happen during a proper test. Since I is a habit of theirs, they may reach for their phone by reflex and that will be the end of the hopes getting a license. Even if they manage to get a license, they can become dangers to other drivers on the road
Shouting at other drivers

Some people can’t seem to seat still in their cars while on the road. They will shout and curse at other drivers with their children in the car. Obviously such children grown up know that it is normal to fight other drivers on the road.

Using the horn

For some people, they are never happy if any other car is in front of them. They will blare their horn and keep blaring for no reason. Although they will be causing nuisance to other road users, their kids may think it is fun and unconsciously learn the bad habits.

As a parent it may be important to consider your driving habits and how they may be affecting your children. The next time you seat behind the wheel try to be conscious of the type of message you are passing to your kids are you drive.

3 Bad Driving Habits Children Easily Pick Up From Parents